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Elevation data in QGIS without DEM

In this article, I want to demonstrate to you some shortcut, which is a product of two traditional ways of collecting the elevation data for any project in QGIS. The first way of collecting...


Making fibre FTTx schematics in QGIS

This article is dedicated to anyone, who works in the telecom industry and struggles with creating the FTTx schematics. We have several nice ways to combat our day-to-day work, although not all of them...


Displaying OpenInfraMap data in QGIS

OpenInfraMap is one of many OpenStreetMap projects, which is concentrated on highlighting the infrastructure worldwide. Predominantly this infrastructure is invisible in the major OpenStreetMap rendering but is directly sourced from OpenStreetMap. The OpennInfraMap is...


Opening Google Street View in VBA Excel

Opening websites programmatically at their certain addresses is quite a straightforward thing regardless of the programming language. Previously I dealt with launching Google Maps from the Excel document with the Google Chrome browser.  Now...


Original Street View colors without Google API Key

Street View is a good tool, which can be incorporated into your own interactive maps like Leaflet or OpenLayers. Unfortunately, since 2018 Google hasn’t served it for free. In turn, the Google Maps products...