Check the steps of my research progress, new solutions for some problems, or detailed information about some regions, where you would like to go. I present to you my own library comprised of ebooks released in recent times. Some of them are written in Polish, which is my mother tongue. I can translate them for you if you are interested.

  1. Intriguing phenomena possible to observe during the solar eclipse The book covers all my investigations about the optical Earth’s atmosphere response to the umbral movement. There are described celestial events happening mostly away from the Sun. This publication features a rare topic, which is going to be developed in the future.
    Zaćmienie Słońca - intrygujące zjawiskaType:                Ebook
    Issue date:      12.10.2020
    Language:       Polish
    ISBN:               978-83-959411-0-8
    Pricing:           $6
    Download:      Available here
  2. QGIS for viewers & newbies
    This is the book dedicated to everyone, who wants to start his adventure with QGIS. The paper covers some basic works with the QGIS application, which can be learned by people, who want to browse some already existing QGIS projects or make some smallish alterations without a significant intruding into the project content. Learn more about the content and QGIS tutorials here.
    QGIS for newbies & viewing
    Type:                Ebook
    Issue date:       7.07.2022
    Language:        English
    ISBN:                 N/A
    Publisher:         N/A
    Pricing:             Free
    Download:        Available here