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Stellarium and ShowMySky visual model

Stellarium is the astrosoftware developed for many years. There were quite a lot of versions of 0. x meaning, that the work is still in progress. Since 2021,  when Stellarium reached the version of...


The aspect of light reflection in the long-distance observations

This article presents the result of the longest distance observation in my life. Because it was an effect of the light phenomenon, not widely discussed by myself so far I decided to develop this topic, because of its influence on the far realing views during some specified conditions (tick haze trapped in low-level of the […]


Tenerife and the night sky

Visiting Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands was one of the best adventures. After several days, when I could scout this picturesque place I spent one night above the unique low-level clouds. It...