Want to have a shortcut to some interesting place on the Web? Here is definitely the right place for it. I already prepared links in a few major categories, which I am mostly deal with. There are quite a few interesting websites, blogs, and services, where you can jump quickly from this page.
Below I presented the site map for all the links, which I am going to place here. I will divide them between the relevant categories. This site map includes the lists, which represent every separate page I am going to work out. Every page will include a few tables, which additionally organize the links.

MkrGeo links

Site map for all links

If you are there, use the dropdown list to find a category, which you are interested in. Each link has been placed in the table, including a rough explanation about what can you expect being there. I try to gather as many features as I can to make your research easier in the future.
You can also check some general links below: