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How to Write a Good Geography Essay

How to write a good geography essay

The geography essay is required for students who study geography and other related subjects, including environmental studies and geology. One of the primary goals of this kind of paper is to evaluate students’ understanding of the subject matter given. Typically, the teacher provides you with a variety of subjects that would be suitable to use for a Geography essay. However, you can pick the topic of your essay by yourself. When choosing a topic, look into current events, and pick the most discussed and debated topics within the local community. You can express all of your thoughts, concerns, ideas, etc., in an essay. Furthermore, it is important to plan your ideas in accordance with the specific essay so that readers are not confused. There are a variety of essay styles. However, you need to select only one and adhere to the requirements of that essay. Use the guide below to make sure your Geography essay has all the necessary elements and to impress your teacher with your amazing skills! 


This part of the writing process requires you to arrange the thoughts you’ve come up with during the prewriting exercise. The outline you make in advance can help you write your essay in all its entirety. The structure of the Geography essay may be determined by the essay type you select. So, if you’ve decided on an argumentative essay, you’ll have to write a paragraph for every argument. The general rule is that every essay has the following: an Introduction and, at a minimum, 2 main body paragraphs, and the conclusion. If you write your essay in a well-structured way, your readers will be able to comprehend your opinions concisely.


The introduction of an essay usually comprises one paragraph. The introduction paragraph has an original style. It begins with the background details. Then, it presents various arguments and then concludes by stating the thesis. The thesis statement should be the one that is presented and then defended throughout the essay. Therefore, a thesis statement like “Environmentalists believe that there are increasingly often frequent abrupt changes in the weather, hurricanes, storm winds, tornadoes, as well as unusually low and high temperatures” is likely to be very appropriate for the topic you select, which is global warming.

Furthermore, this part of your paper must not include direct quotations or textual references. So you can conclude that the introduction needs to be organized to draw readers’ attention. However, it should not be confusing for readers.

Main body

The body paragraphs of your main body must contain at least two paragraphs that prove your thesis perfectly. In contrast to your introduction, you are permitted to include a variety of quotes and also text citations that support your argument. If you are planning to use directly cited sources or an in-text citation, it is important to follow the referencing style you’ve chosen. Students typically have to adhere to either MLA as well as APA reference styles when they write their writing. Use the MLA references, as it is necessary to put the text within an inverted comma. After that, you must include the author’s last name and the page number of the webpage on which you read the text. Therefore, your in-text reference should read as follows in the form of “According to experts, the cause of these phenomena is global climate change.” (Author’s/authors last name and page number).” The exact sentence that you use in the APA format of reference would be like this “According to experts, the cause of these phenomena is global climate change.” (Author’s/authors name and date of their publication).”


The final section of the essay is like the introduction paragraph in that it is a paragraph long and must not contain any quotations or references in the text. In addition, you should repeat your thesis statement and support it by presenting the arguments within the paragraphs that follow. It is essential to remember that any additional information should not be included in this sentence. It is widely accepted that the section of the essay must look similar to the shorter portion of an essay. Conclude your thoughts and ideas, and feel free to propose a way to solve the issue you talked about in the essay.


This stage of the writing process is as important as the other steps as you’ll be able to eliminate many of the mistakes committed in the beginning phases of writing. If you’re interested in knowing what you can do to enhance your writing, make certain to return and review the essay but not immediately following the writing of the essay. Set aside your writing and let your mind wander. When you return to your writing, you’ll be able to take it from a new view. Be aware of the particulars, including the personal pronouns “I,” contractions, and the use of ambiguous words. Therefore, if there is a time when you’ve used “I,” the pronoun is personal in your mind, you must change it to an indefinite term like “one.” Full-form versions must replace auxiliary verbs that are contracted. The vague language must be eliminated or substituted with appropriate academic terms.

Additionally, you should be checking more than grammar and punctuation since many students fail to use a comma after “and ” while enumerating points or following linking words. In addition, you can ask a person to review your essay for any errors. It is crucial to remember that the individual you choose should have solid writing skills to spot and explain your mistakes. You can also ask the person to tell you what you could change and what you can add to improve your essay. Studycrumb is a perfect service with professionals who will gladly help you revise or even write the essay from scratch to get you an A+!

If you follow the majority of the guidelines mentioned earlier in your essay, the Geographic essay will receive an outstanding grade.

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