My experience as a GIS analyst led me to broaden my skills on various GIS-based horizons. My original approach to the problems and exercises combined with innovative thinking often results in effective results, which can be a lesson for everyone in this market. Regardless of the degree of difficulty, any kind of problem can be resolved. In fact, sometimes it takes time, but in my case, it’s never left without any solution!
I run a YouTube channel, where some of the problems discussed in this blog have been explained from the beginning to the very end by showing every single step of the given task. The details you can find here:
GIS Tutorials

Moreover, you can visit the subpages available in the dropdown and learn some bits, provided as an example of my lessons.
My offer covers getting GIS skills from the basics at the wide-understood entry level, which includes:
– ArcGIS Online (AGOL)
– AutoCAD
– Interactive mapping

The level I am offering doesn’t cover programming skills. It will help you get familiarized with the software and start building up your workshop in your further GIS career.
Please do not hesitate to contact me and discuss the conditions of our collaboration!
London transportation map QGIS


I am a licensed tourist guide, who can lead the trip in any part of the World.  Usually, the journey is mixed with additional events, that can be planned occasionally. Apart from standard trip schedules, including both sightseeing and a good rest, I plan some extraordinary things, i.e. stargazing, atmospheric phenomena observations, or celestial events.
I have huge experience with organizing journeys to different countries i.e. Malaysia, Indonesia USA, Australia, and the Philippines. I used to lead tourist groups to a few European countries. Next, I traveled a lot across the United Kingdom.
Now I am developing the offer for scientific tours, which are aimed at astrophotography and photography or rare celestial and atmospheric optic phenomena. They are always combined with tourist programs adequate for the given area. Learn more here.


If you would like to have an answer: How to discover something in the Universe without leaving home? How many times will you wake up throughout your life? Or What exactly is the flightseeing is? And many others, you can get during my popular science meetings. My current area of exploration is wide and includes not only traveling and astronomy only, but also a GIS implementation in any kind of field.

Solar eclipse study, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge


If you wish to see something rare and extraordinary in the sky, about which you even didn’t realize before, then you found a perfect person. I will embark you on a fascinating journey in the sky and show you unique phenomena taking place both in the nearest universe and Earth’s atmosphere. I will get you infected with exceptional onlook on heaven as well as the surrounding scene. Any kind of observation is explained in a popular science way. Visit this website and learn more!

Mariusz Krukar