Early spring in England

Last winter in the UK was really mild. I haven’t seen snow at all. The temperature was hovering around 5-10 C deg. It incurred a faster vegetation period. Moreover during late march and early April temperatures in England were high, sometimes higher than 20 C deg. (Pic.1). Thanks to this we could enjoy a really nice spring.

2017-04-09 15h temperature in Europe

Pic. 1 The temperature at 2m above ground on Sunday, April 9th at 15 UTC. In Cambridgeshire area was 20 C deg. (modellzentrale.de). The previous dry spell with high temperatures was around the 1st of April.

Below you can see many photos both from the first greening of spring in Cambridge and the period of flowering trees, which looks amazing through my camera Nikon D5300. I used macro to enhance the details of blooming plants and trees.

Marsh Marigold

Marsh Marigold enlarged view

Pic. 2,3 Marsh Marigold.

Lesser Stitchword

Lesser Stitchword enlarged

Pic. 4,5 Lesser Stitchword.

Chrysosplenium arternifolium

Chrysosplenium arternifolium enlarged

Pic. 6,7 Chrysosplenium arternifolium.

Mysostis Sylvatica (Wod forget-me-not)Mysostis Sylvatica (Wod forget-me-not) 2

Mysostis Sylvatica (Wod forget-me-not) closed up

Pic. 8,9,10 Mysostis Sylvatica (Wod forget-me-not).

Polytrichum communePolytrichum commune 2


Polytrichum commune closed up

Pic. 11,12,13 Polytrichum commune.

Capsella bursa pastoris

Pic. 14 Capsella bursa pastoris.

Taraxacum officinale (Common dandelion)

Taraxacum officinale (Common dandelion) 2

Pic. 15,16 Taraxacum officinale (Common dandelion).

Bellis (Daisy) pink

Bellis (Daisy)

Bellis (Daisy) close up view

Pic. 17,18,19 Bellis (Daisy).

Lamium purpureum

Lamium purpureum close up view

Pic. 20,21 Lamium purpureum.


Nettle enlarged

Pic. 22, 23 Nettle.

Muscari armeniacum (Grape Hiacynth)

Muscari armeniacum (Grape Hiacynth) close up

Pic. 24, 25 Muscari armeniacum (Grape Hiacynth).


Pic. 26 Tulip.


Pic. 27 Forsythia.

Rosa canina (Dog rose)

Rosa canina (Dog rose) macro view

Pic. 28, 29 Rosa canina (Dog rose).

Vitis (Vine) grape flower macro view

Vitis (Vine) grape flower

Vitis (Vine) grape flower close up view

Pic. 30,31,32 Vitis (Vine) grape flower.

Betula (Birch) flower macro view

Pic. 33 Betula (Birch) flower.

Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam) flower enlarged

Pic. 34 Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam) flower.

Willow flower macro view

Pic. 35 Willow flower.

Syringa vulgaris (Common Lilac) macro view

Pic. 36 Syringa vulgaris (Common Lilac).

Flowering magnolia tree

Magnolia flower

Pic. 37, 38 Magnolia.

Malus (Apple tree)

Pic. 39 Malus (Apple tree).

Rhus typhina flower

Pic. 40 Rhus typhina flower.

Platanus (Plane tree) flower

Pic. 41 Platanus (Plane tree) flower.

Tilia (Lime tree) leaf bud

Tilia (Lime tree) leaf bud 2

Tilia (Lime tree) leaf buds

Tilia (Lime tree) leaf bud 3

Tilia (Lime tree) leaf buds 2

Tilia (Lime tree) leaf bud 4

Pic. 42 – 47 Tilia (Lime tree).

I captured also the insect, which enjoys the spring. See below:

Coccinellidae black

Coccinellidae red

Pic. 48, 49 Coccinellidae.

Formicidae (Black ant)

Formicidae (Black ant) close up view

Pic. 50, 51 Formicidae.

Lepidoptera (Butterfly)

Lepidoptera (Butterfly) macro view

Pic. 52, 53 Lepidoptera (Butterfly).

Apis (Honey bee)

Apis (Honey bee) macro view

Apis (Honey bee) 2

Apis (Honey bee) macro view 2

Pic. 54 – 57 Apis (Honey bee).

Mariusz Krukar

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