The trip types in my point of view

     Many people travel around the world nowadays. Everyone wants to see some interesting places, take a rest and obviously have a good time. I am a person who is aimed in visiting many new places. Frankly speaking, my personality is a type of traveler who wants to discover as much as possible. Anyway, I don’t want to describe myself here but the types of trips which exist and you may not be aware of. However, this is my point of view only thus I named those types on my own. You will get my point because you have the same as me and many other people.

  1. The thread

     When you are planning and doing a trip e.g. sightseeing trip or scouting trip where the place of your departure is different from the place of finish your journey, besides you are finishing your trip far away from the place when you started then your trip has a thread type. To clarify my point let’s give some examples. 2 years ago I went to Morroco. I landed in Marrakech, which was my first port of call. After taking sightseeing in this beautiful city I went towards the Atlas Mountains and next into the Sahara desert to Oazarzate. During the next few days, I was going through Sahara to El Rachidia from where I took the bus to Fez. After Fez, I was admiring the beautiful Meknes old town. Finally, I departed from Rabat. When I saw the shape of my journey it was as a thread because I arrived at Marrakesh, next beaten several hundred kilometers to Rabat.  I had been changing my place day by day (pic.1).

Morocco - loop trip type

Pic.1 My trip to Morocco, a thread shape.

       2. The loop

     This type of trip may happen when your place of arrival and departure is the same. Are you doing  20 or 1000 km during your journey?  It doesn’t matter. Your place of commencement and the end is the same. Today you can buy a flight to another part of the World. Many flight discounts offer you a round trip to another remote place but this is mainly one place that may create your entire journey. This refers to my case in the last year I went to Tenerife. The Tenerife South Airport (TFS) was the commencement and finish of my loop. I landed there and after one week I returned from there. During this week I was sightseeing the Island doing kind of the loop (pic.2).

Trip to tenerife, the loop type of journey

Pic. 2 My trip to Tenerife looks like a loop.

     3. The flower

     This is the most convenient kind of trip. The middle of your flower is the place your entire stay. The petals are the daily trips that you are doing during your stay. On top of that you can adjust the kind of your inner trip to the weather e.g. when it is sunny you can go to the mountains but when it’s raining you will be able to sightsee the city where you will find many landmarks with an option to get inside. In my case, it was a Mallorca, which I have been to a couple months before. Because it was autumn the weather forecast wasn’t good. I took the best moment to go to the Sierra De Tramuntana mountains. In the next few days, the weather was horrible so I was visiting picturesque towns. The very important thing to make your trip in flower mode is to try to find as best connection hub possible. In my case, it was a Palma de Mallorca from where I could go everywhere on the Island. Usually, a big city gives you a big opportunity to travel in every direction. When you rent a car there is no problem even in a small town (pic.3).

Trip to Mallorca, a flower type of trip

Pic. 3 My trip to Mallorca, looks like a flower. The main place of staying was Palma de Mallorca, from where I could take a daily trip in each direction.

     4. The spot

     This method refers to people who prefer to take a rest. Some tourists prefer to go to one place only, stay there for a long time, and alternatively do some short walks around. The best example here is e.g. a last-minute offer from a tourist agency to Costa del Sol all-inclusive. You have accommodation there and as usual, there are no other trips provided. You can take a rest for the entire stay.

     5. Irregular type

     Your trip may have a totally different shape also. You can stay in 1 hotel for 3 nights, doing local trips, and next, you can go somewhere far away to do sightseeing or eventually depart from there. Then your trip will have an irregular type because the first three days will look somewhat like a flower but the next days like a thread. There are many examples to describe this type of journey depending on what kind of itinerary you have.

Mariusz Krukar

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