How Cambridge looks like by night?

I would like to show you some pictures taken at night in Cambridge – the city, where I have been living for nearly 5 years.


  1. Cambridge punting – Scudamore company flat-bottom boats are seen from Bridge Street.
    Cambridge punting Scudamore Bridge Street

    Pic. 1 Cambridge flat-bottomed boat parking near Bridge Street.

    Scudamore company is the largest punting association in Cambridge, counting nearly 110 years. This punt follows up on the Venetian gondola. The typical cost per person is between 12 and 15 £.  Because I was a tour guide on punting I will prepare another article about the sites, which we can see when sitting on the boat.

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  2. The Round Church – The Church of the Holy Sepulchre
    Round Church in Cambridge

    Pic. 2 The Round Church in Cambridge – Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

    This is the Anglican church built in the XIIth century. Currently, the grade I listed is building. The building was inspired by the rotunda, known as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

    More details:,_Cambridge

  3. St. Johns College Chapel – built in the XIX century to replace a smaller one, built in medieval times.
    St Johns College chapel Chapel

    Pic. 3 St. Johns College Chapel.

    The St. Johns College chapel is famous for its choirs. Usually, the choirs sing traditional religious music at the holy masses and daily services. This tradition reaches the XVII century.

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  4. St. Johns College – is a part of the University of Cambridge, founded by Tudors in the XVI century.
    Cambridge St. Johns chapel

    Pic. 4 St John Chapel front entrance (The Great Gate).

    The complex stands on the former Hospital of St. Johns the Evangelist. The picture above shows the Great Gate, adorned with the arms of Lady Margaret Beaufort, who was the foundress.

    Essential links:,_Cambridge

  5. Trinity Street – the street connecting St. Johns Street, King’s Parade, and Trumpington Street.
    Trinity Street Cambridge

    Pic. 5 Trinity Street.

    The name of this street comes from Trinity College, located on the west side.

    Essential links:
    20 historic images of Trinity Street in Cambridge,,_Cambridge

  6. Green Street – famous for shops and restaurants
    Green Street Cambridge

    Pic. 6 Green Street in central Cambridge.

    More info here:,_Cambridge

  7. Rose Crescent  Lane– another shopping lane
    Cambridge Rose Crescent3
    Cambridge Rose Crescent2

    Cambridge Rose Crescent

    Pic. 7-9 Rose Crescent lane in central Cambridge.

    More info:

  8. Michaelhouse Centre – a former college, belonging to the University of Cambridge, that recently has been deeply refurbished and turned into the st. Michael’s Church with architecture is visible until the present day.
    Michelle House Cambridge

    Pic. 10 Michael House in Cambridge, stained glasses in the window.

    Recent remodeling took place in the early 2000s, adapting the existing parish church into something like the community center.

    Essential links:,_Cambridge

  9. Gonville & Caius College University of Cambridge – located on the opposite side of the Michaelhouse (Pic. 11).
    Gonville Gaius College

    Pic. 11 Gonville & Caius College in Cambridge.

    Cambridge Gonville Gaius

    Pic. 12 Entrance to the Gaius Court from the Senate House Passage.

    Cambridge Gonville and Caius library

    Gonville and Gaius college in Cambridge

    Pic. 13-14 Gonville and Gaius College library – view from the Trinity Lan.

    Cambridge Gonville and Gaius library

    Cambridge Gonville and Gaius library2

    Pic. 15-16 Inside of the Gonville Gaius College library – view from the Senate House Passage.

    This fourth-oldest college at the University of Cambridge is known by one of the notable scientists, who used to work there – Stephen Hawking, an author of the “Brief history of time”. This scientist died in 2018.

    Essential links:,_Cambridge,

  10. The University of Cambridge Senate House – a place of the degree ceremonies.
    Senate House University of Cambridge

    Pic. 17 The Senate House University of Cambridge.

    The building was designed with a neo-classical style. It’s a grade I class building.

    Essential links:,_Cambridge

  11. King’s College Chapel – belongs to King’s College, which is a fundamental college of the University of Cambridge, founded by Henry VI in XV century.
    King's College in Cambridge
    Cambridge King's College chapelKing's College chapel Cambridge

    King's College in Cambridge2

    Pic. 18-21 – King’s College Chapel in Cambridge.

    This is perfect and one of the greatest examples of Gothic English architecture at once. The building is known for being the largest fan vault in the world.

    Essential links:,_Cambridge

  12. King’s College porters lodge – the main entrance to the college.
    King's College porter lodge

    Pic. 22 King’s College Porter’s lodge.

    King’s College has its own choir, founded in the XVI century. Today this is one of the most traditional choirs in England, having its own recordings and global performances.

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  13. St Benet’s Church – the oldest church in Cambridgeshire.
    St Benets church Cambridge

    Pic. 23 St. Benet’s Church in Cambridge.

    This is also the oldest building in Cambridge, built likely before the mid-XI century, prominent because of a characteristical Anglo-Saxon type of tower.

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  14. Corn Exchange – the biggest concert venue in Cambridge.
    Cambridge Corn Exchange

    Pic. 24 The Corn Exchange in central Cambridge.

    The capacity of this concert venue reaches almost 1700 places.  Sometimes it is used also as the examination hall for students at the University of Cambridge.

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  15. Corn Exchange Street – runs just behind the Corn Exchange concert hall.
    Corn Exchange street Cambridge

    Pic. 25 Corn Exchange Street in Cambridge.

    Formerly Slaughter Lane, nowadays Corn Exchange Street marks the line of King’s Ditch existing in the XVI century.

    More info:

  16. Sidney Street Lloyds Bank – well-preserved Victorian-style building.
    Cambridge Sidney Street Lloyds bank

    Pic. 26 Lloyds Bank at the Sidney Street in Central Cambridge.

    Sidney Street Cambridge

    Pic. 27 Sidney Street – view towards Market Street.

    Previously this building was the seat of the Foster’s Bank, that name still appears above the main entrance.

    More info:

  17. Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge.Cambridge Museum of Archeology2Cambridge Archeology Museum cycle park
    Cambridge Museum of Archeology

    Pic. 28-30 Main court and car park at the Museum of Archeology in Cambridge.


  18. Museum of Zoology at the University of Cambridge – it’s a part of the research ward of the Department of Zoology.
    Museum of Zoology Cambridge entrance

    Pic. 31 The main entrance to the Museum of Zoology in Cambridge.

    The museum owes the collections mainly from the XIX century, from the time of modern biology development.

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  19. Downing Street – one of the main streets in central Cambridge.
    Downing Street in Cambridge

    Downing Street in Cambridge 2

    Pic. 32-33 Downing Street in Cambridge.

    The name comes from Downing Site, consisting of several museums of the University of Cambridge. In medieval times, there was a boggy area, which has been turned into Downing College.

    More details:,_Cambridge

  20. Pembroke College – the third-oldest constituent college of the University of Cambridge.
    Cambridge Pembroke College

    Pic. 34 Pembroke College in Cambridge.

    The most representative part of Pembrooke College is the Old Court, which includes all components of the complex.

    Essential links:,_Cambridge

  21. Pembroke Street is the continuation of Downing Street, leading to a junction with Trumpington Street.
    Pembroke Street in Cambridge

    Pembroke Street Cambridge

    Pic. 35 Pembroke Street in Cambridge.,_Cambridge

  22. The Pitt Building is the headquarter of Cambridge University Press.
    Cambridge University Press Pitt Building

    The Pitt building Cambridge University Press

    Pic. 36-37 The Pitt Building at Trumpington Street in Cambridge.

    Cambridge University Press is the oldest publishing house in the World, established in the XVI century.

    Essential links:

  23. St Botolph’s Church – another grade I listed building in central Cambridge.
    Cambridge St Botolph Church2

    St Botolphs church Cambridge

    Pic. 38-39 St Botolph’s Church in Cambridge.

    The church is remarkable because of its beautiful tower built from flint, rubble, and Barnack stone.

    Essential links:,_Cambridge

  24. Ede & Ravenscroft at the Silver Street
    Cambridge Silver Street2

    Ede & Ravenscroft Silver Street Cambridge

    Pic. 40-41 Ede & Ravenscroft at the Silver Street in Cambridge.

    Silver Street links Trumpington Street with the Mill Lane Site through the Silver Street Bridge.

    More info:,_Cambridge

  25. Corpus Christi College is only one college established by Cambridge townsfolk.
    Cambridge Corpus Christi College

    Cambridge Corpus Christi College2

    Pic. 42-43. The Corpus Christi College at the University of Cambridge.

    This is one of the biggest colleges in Cambridge, including several outlying properties and a series of terraced houses.

    Essential links:,_Cambridge

  26. Cambridge Guildhall – the place, where the Tourist Information Centre is based.
    Cambridge Guildhall

    Pic. 44 Cambridge Guildhall before Christmas.

    The building is used both for Council, civic happenings, and the University of Cambridge. It’s a Grade II listed object.

    Essential links:

  27. Cambridge Market Square – so-called Market Hill.
    Cambridge Market Place

    Pic. 45 The Marketplace in Cambridge, Great St Mary’s Church beyond.

    The market square operates here since the Saxon times. This is the daily outdoor market with a multitude of stalls.

    Essential links:,_Cambridge

  28. Trinity College – it’s the largest college in the Uk by the number of undergraduates.
    Trinity College in Cambridge - entrance

    Pic. 46 The main entrance to Trinity College in Cambridge.

    There are a lot of notable persons associated with Trinity College. 34 of them have won Nobel Prizes. One of the alumni was Isaac Newton and James Clerk Maxwell.

    Essential links:,_Cambridge

  29.  Clare College – initially it was the University of Cambridge hall.
    Clare College Cambridge

    Pic. 47 Clare College in Cambridge.

    The most remarkable part of the college is the Old Court, which is the Grade I listed building. The Old Court can be seen from the river Cam.

    Essential links:,_Cambridge

  30. Trinity Lane – is a street in central Cambridge, leading to Trinity College and Clare College.
    Trinity Lane in Cambridge

    Pic. 48 Cambridge – Trinity Lane.

  31.  Great St. Mary’s Church – known for the Stephen Hawking Funeral in 2018.
    Great St Mary's Church in Cambridge

    Pic. 49 Great St Mary’s Church in central Cambridge (December 2016).

    This is the university church of the University of Cambridge.

    Essential links:,_Cambridge

  32. King’s Parade – one of the main streets in central Cambridge.
    King's Parade Cambridge

    Pic. 50 Cambridge – King’s Parade street.

    This area is known also as Senate House Hill, including the vicinity of King’s College, Senate House, and Great St. Mary’s Church.

  33. St Catharine College – was founded in the XV century by Katharine Hall.
    St Catharine College in Cambridge

    Catharine College Cambridge

    Pic. 51-52 St Catharine College in Cambridge.

    Unlike other colleges in Cambridge, this one has an open court on the front instead of a closed quadrangle.

    Essential links:,_Cambridge

  34. Petty Cury – pedestrianized shopping lane in central Cambridge.
    Petty Cury Cambridge

    Pic. 53 Petty Cury in Central Cambridge.

    More info:

  35.  Christ College – is known by the most famous alumni like Charles Darwin and John Milton.
    Christ College in Cambridge

    Pic. 54 Christ College – The Great Gate, which is the entrance to the First Court.

    This is one of the 5 colleges in Oxford and Cambridge, which has its own swimming pool.

    Essential links:,_Cambridge

  36. Parker’s Piece – the most representative park in Cambridge.
    Parker's Piece funfair in Cambridge

    Parker's Piece funfair in Cambridge2

    Pic. 55 The Parker’s Piece in central Cambridge with temporary funfair (December 2016).

    Parker’s Piece is a roughly square-shaped green common in the centre of Cambridge. Its role is also the regional bus station (National Express bus stop at Parkside).

    Essential links:

  37. Our Lady and the English Martyrs Church (OLEM) – the church with the highest spire in Cambridge.
    Cambridge OLEM church

    Cambridge OLEM church2

    Pic. 56,57 – The OLEM Church in Cambridge.

    This is a Gothic Revival church built in the late XIX century and is known as one of the largest catholic churches in the UK. Because I am Polish, this church is important as the Polish parish has been found in 1948 by post-war Polish immigrants.

    Essential links:

  38. Cambridge University Botanic Garden – 16 hectares garden with a lot of various plants.
    Cambridge University Botanic Garden

    Pic. 58 Cambridge University Botanic Garden.

    The Cambridge Botanic Garden holds over 8000 plant species from around the world. It was created in the XIX century.

    Essential links:

  39. The Anchor Pub – a place, where the Pink Floyd band was formed.
    Cambridge The Anchor Pub

    59. Cambridge – The Anchor pub.

    More info:

  40. Silver Street Bridge – with a good view from Scudamore’s Punting Station.

    Cambridge Silver Street Bridge

    Pic. 60 The Silver Street Bridge in Cambridge.

It looks like I have finished my short tour around the most interesting spots in Cambridge. I will develop some topics in the future and broaden your knowledge about this remarkable city. I won’t use the link to Wikipedia like now, I promise 😉

Mariusz Krukar



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