The video facilities in Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is capable to make movies of good quality. The highest 4K resolution is absolutely a novelty in this device.  On top of that, you can use a lot of record modes. I decided to describe only dual-camera movies and 4k videos.

Dual camera movies

The S5 smartphone is one of the few devices, where you can make dual-camera movies. The Dual Camera mode works the same as in photos. You can choose 9 options to create your movie with front and rear cameras at the same time. For further details see the link below.

When I was creating this movie I kept my phone in a vertical position. Finally, I made a view in vertical mode. Fortunately, you are able to rotate this kind of video. The best way to do it is by using the Samsung Galaxy S5 video options. How to use it, read here. If you downloaded your video on the computer you need to use proper software like Windows Movie Maker.

Unfortunately rotated video has lower quality  (see below) than the movie recorded directly by phone so it is better to keep your phone horizontally and make your videos in normal, horizontal mode.

In the first part of this movie, you can enjoy a mirror-like view created by the rear camera and a normal view of the small field. The second part is different, the rear camera shows the view of the small field, and the front camera is the main part of the video. Besides you can see how to change the small field size at the same time when you are making a video. The film below shows you more options with Galaxy S5’s dual camera.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is able to create photos and videos up to 1m underwater. You can see the underwater movie on the link below.

4K video

This is a modern and very useful video, which lets you make movies in the best resolution (Ultra Dynamic Range). 4k movies from Samsung Galaxy look fine during the day and in a good light.

Unfortunately, you will not receive good video quality during the night (link below).

During my flight to the United Kingdom, I was trying to capture some details, but I could hardly see a couple of spotlights above dutch metropolitan areas.
When the plane was landing was slightly better, but still not enough good.

In the conclusion, I can say that using Galaxy S5’s 4K video in poor-lit places or areas is pointless.

Mariusz Krukar


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