Xiaomi Mi 8 128GB (Global version) photo facilities, part 4 – video

The 4th part of the article about Xiaomi Mi 8 6GB 128GB (Global version) photo facilities describes shortly the video features, as the device offers for the user. There are main 2 video modes in Xiaomi Mi 8: Short Video and Video mode. Using the Short Video Mode you can record footage with 10s lengths. No various option has been provided for this mode, so I won’t elaborate on this.
The main, Video mode is to be much more useful for the customer. It offers many more options, which basically are to be found in “Settings“. However, there is 3 kind of movies, which you can do using the Xiaomi Mi 8: a normal movie, Slow motion, and Time-lapse (Pic. 1).

Xiaomi Mi 8 6GB 128GB (Global version) main video options

Pic. 1 Three main movie options in the Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone. The device turns into a normal; movie. At the top of the screen, you have another two: Time-lapse and Slow Motion as well as access to Settings.

Let’s get busy with the all movie settings available in Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone, which is listed in the screen below (Pic. 2):

Xiaomi Mi 8 6GB 128GB (Global version) video settings

Pic. 2 Video settings in Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone.

There is plenty of option to adjust your movie within the settings listed above and quality. The device can record a good 4K movies, like below:

Aside from the normal movies, as I said above there are 2 options: Slow motion and Time-lapse. The Slow-Motion mode is fixed and you cannot adjust the speed of the movie, unlike Time-lapse mode, where you can make your film from 2x, up to even 1800x faster! (Pic. 3).

Xiaomi Mi 8 6GB 128GB (Global version) time lapse interval

Pic. 3 The time-lapse movie options in Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone.

Before I show you an example movie with Slow-motion and  Time-lapse mode I would like to tell you, that the Xiaomi Mi 8 6GB 128GB (Global version) can be also used for macro movies, which are also included in the movie below:

During the night your footage will need a torch to help you, which is a good attitude for closer objects (Pic. 4).

Xiaomi Mi 8 6GB 128GB (Global version) low light video options

Pic. 4 The Xiaomi Mi 8 device allows you to record movies with the torch during low light conditions.

Unfortunately when the distance to the recorded object is bigger, then the torch may be less useful, as per the movie below:

Well, I have shown you the most interesting video features provided by the Xiaomi Mi 8 6GB 128GB (Global version). I hope, that you will take advantage of these modern and ready-prepared options, as for example, a Time-lapse is. For this purpose remember to use a proper tripod, which I wrote about in the previous part of this article.
I prepared for you one example of the footage made by the Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone in Cambridge, where I recorded a crowded marketplace in slow motion, which looks amazing.

Mariusz Krukar


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