Fireworks around the world! Happy New Year 2021 to everyone!

Another year is coming now. The year will open the 3rd decade of the XXIth century. Time flies. It looks like it’s already 5th time when I am wishing you a Happy New Year! As usual, I would like to share with you the memories from this special night, which is already around the corner – New Year’s Eve night. I constantly show you how have I spent this time in the near past, predominantly last year.  Here and now, New Year’s Eve includes the webcam adventure only.  To be more precise, I have finished the New Year’s project with the Deckchair webcam provider. Most of the cameras from this supplier were used for chasing the most beautiful New Year fireworks worldwide in the span of 2 years, between 2018 and 2020. Following the results of my approach, I want to show you the virtual New Year celebration across the Globe, keeping all the places in the correct order, determined by proper time zones (Pic. 1).

World time zone map

Pic. 1 World’s time zone map (

Referring to the map above I placed all the venues below in the right order, starting from these ones, where New Year is celebrated at the earliest.

The very first place, which welcomes in the New Year is Noumea – the capital of New Caledonia, east of Australia. Obviously, this is the easternmost country, where the Deckchair webcam has been mounted. The very first country, where New Year is celebrated lies within the GMT+14 time zone and it’s Kiribati. The New Year arrives at New Caledonia 3 hours later.

Noumea New Year Deckchair

Pic. 2 The New Year’s celebration in Noumea – the capital of New Caledonia (Le Meridien Noumea/

Exactly at the same time, the New Year ceremony begins in Sydney – the most remarkable city in Australia, renowned for the spectacular Opera House, a finalist of the New7Wonders of the World campaign. The fireworks are usually in a few places at the Sydney Harbour waters, while also by the Opera House, and at Harbour Bridge, which is an Australian heritage-listed object.

Sydney New Year Deckchair

Pic. 3 The New Year’s celebration in the Sydney Harbour area (The Sebel Quay West Suites/

The GMT+11 time zone covers also Victoria state, the capital, and the most populous city Melbourne. The fireworks look nice with Bolton Bridge in the background.

Melbourne New Year Deckchair

Pic. 4 The New Year’s celebration in Melbourne (Raddison on Flagstaff Gardens/

Three hours later, the New Year arrives in Bali. Bali is one of the most popular provinces – islands in Indonesia, which attract a lot of tourists. The hotel, from where these small fireworks were captured is located quite close to the Uluwatu Temple – one of the most spectacular spots on this island.

Bali New Year Deckchair

Pic. 5 The New Year’s celebration at Bali (The St. Regis Bali Resort/

Just about 3,5 thousand kilometers north another New Year’s celebration takes place. It’s Hong Kong  – a special administrative region of China, which is also the financial international center. This metropolitan area can boost the fascinating skyscraper landscape, where the tallest ones reach almost 500 m.a.g.l.
The New Year’s event is captured from the tallest building in this city – the International Commerce Centre, rising exactly 484 meters above the ground.  The Ritz-Carlton hotel, where the webcam operates is just 2 floors below the top, hence the view is stunning. The main spot of the celebration is at the Golden Bauhinia Square surrounded by a group of skyscrapers, from which we can point to the Central Plaza skyscraper – 3rd the highest in this metropolitan area (373m.a.g.l.). All these buildings belong to the Wan Chai district, which lies at the entrance to Happy Valley behind.

Hongkong New Year celebration Deckchair webcam

Pic. 6 The New Year’s celebration in Hong Kong as seen from the tallest skyscraper in this metropolitan area (The Ritz-Carlton/

Next 2 hours later tourists can celebrate New Year at Vonmuli Island. This smallish isle is only 414m in length and 236m in width. It’s uninhabited, but because of a vast holiday resort, being bigger than the island itself we can meet a lot of people there.

Vonmuli Maledives New year's celebration with Deckchair webcam

Pic. 7 The New Year’s celebration at the Vonmuli island on Maldives (The St. Regis Maledives Vonmuli Resort/

Only another half hour away from Maldives, the New Year is celebrated in Kochi.  Kochi is one of the biggest cities in Kerala state covering the southwestern Indian coast. Kochi is also one of the main port hubs in this region. It shouldn’t surprise you, that you can see flashy fireworks above the port cranes. It’s a specific view, but very nice.

Kerala Kochi New Year's celebration Deckchair

Pic. 8 The New Year’s celebration in Kochi – the ferry town in India (Grand Hyatt Kochi/

Le Morne Brabant in Mauritius is a very good place for watching the New Year’s fireworks. However, web cameras have a way of capturing the landscape within the frame only, unless they rotate. In turn, sometimes we can’t see what we want to see, although the image covering the vista away from the main scene can be also interesting.

New Year's celebration Mauritius Deckchair

Pic. 9 The New Year’s celebration at Mauritius (Le Morne/

At the same time, a buzzing New Year’s ceremony takes place in Dubai.  Because I have seen this formidable city before I can imagine how beautiful is this moment when a multitude of fireworks rises between the skyscrapers. There are a few different spots in Dubai, from where the New Year’s fireworks can be captured. Let’s start with Deira for example. Deira is a former commercial center of Dubai, which recently lost a bit of its importance, as the main communication backbone – The Sheikh Zayed Road (E 11 motorway) has been built. Our first view comes from the Aloft City Center Deira, which covers an outlook towards Dubai Creek and the downtown beyond. The fireworks produced at the Dubai Creek waterbody are stunning.

New Year's celebration Dubai Deira Deckchair

Pic. 10 The New Year’s celebration in Dubai as seen from Deira (Aloft City Centre Deira/

Considering Dubai, we can’t forget about the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa. This is undeniably the symbol of this remarkable city, which plunges in beautiful fireworks every year at this moment. If we consider its vast altitude above the ground (830m) combined with dazzling fireworks light, reaching this altitude well, we can assume, that this spectacular view would be achievable even from the Zagros Mountains in Iran (Pic. 11) under extremely good visibility conditions, which regrettably occur very rarely there. The dry climes around the Persian Gulf feature dusty air for most of the year.

Burj Khalifa tip visibility cloak Heywhatsthat

Pic. 11 The visibility cloak from the tip of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper computed by the tool. Presumably, the New Year’s fireworks are visible within these boundaries under extremely good weather conditions.

New Year's celebration Dubai Marina Burj Khalifa Deckchair

Pic. 12 The New Year’s fireworks surrounding the Burj Khalifa skyscraper as seen from the Dubai Marina area (Raddison Blu Hotel Dubai Waterfront/

New Year's celebration Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road Burj Khalifa Deckchair

Pic. 13 The New Year’s fireworks surrounding the Burj Khalifa skyscraper and people watching it from Sheikh Zayed Road (Shangri-La Hotel/

The view from the Burj Khalifa observation deck is also stunning.

New Year's celebration Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road Burj Khalifa Deckchair2

Pic. 14 The Dubai Fountains celebrating New Year as seen from the Burj Khalifa observation deck (

The last view in Dubai comes from the Dubai Marina area with a view towards Palm Jumeirah.

New Year's celebration Dubai The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina - D94 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Pic. 15 New Year’s fireworks in Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah area (The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi/

Apart from Dubai, the big New Year ceremony takes place in the capital of the United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is another representative city of the United Arab Emirates, which can boost a lot of supertall and beautiful skyscrapers. The New Year’s fireworks are presented at Corniche Beach with an amazing view of the Abu Dhabi World Trade Center complex with the tallest skyscraper in the city – Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid, counting roughly 384m.a.g.l. and another supertall postmodern object – The Landmark, which is 3rd the highest in the city with 324m.a.g.l.

New Year's celebration Abu Dhabi Deckchair

Pic. 16 The New Year’s celebration in Abu Dhabi at Corniche Beach with a view of the World Trade Center complex (The St. Regis Abu Dhabi/

Sometimes the smoke produced and illuminated by fireworks can look very colorful.

New Year's celebration Saadiyat island Abu Dhabi

Pic. 17 The New Year’s celebration on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi (The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort/

About 1800km north a beautiful firework vista can be observed in the capital of Azerbaijan – Baku. This over 2 million city is recognized by its characteristic postmodern Flame Towers. This is definitely the symbol of Azerbaijan’s newest architecture and symbolizes the natural gas flares from the earth. Natural gas became very important recently, especially in Baku, which was caused by exhausted oil wells. Natural gas and oil lie at the basis of energy in Azerbaijan. The never extinguishable fire (like in Yanar Dag) is deemed by locals as a symbol of the divine.  Looking at the image below we can’t omit the Baku Tower rising high above the whole city and also Danizkenari Mili Park, where a massive amount of observers usually flocked during this event.

New Year's celebration Baku Deckchair

Pic. 18 The New Year’s celebration in Baku (Park Inn Baku/

In the meantime, Tbilisi offers a good view of the strongly illuminated TV Broadcasting Tower rising above the capital. Moreover, you can notice the biggest landmark – Narikala Fortress and Tabor Monastery of the Transfiguration on the left.  In the foreground, a bit right from the center, the Tsminda Sameba Cathedral is illuminated. There is no major spot for a celebration. Fireworks are observed across the city.

New Year's celebration Tbilisi Deckchair

Pic. 19 The New Year’s fireworks across Tbilisi (Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace/

Waiting for another hour will reward a good celebration view in Istanbul. There are not many fireworks, but they fit perfectly into the landscape, which shows a vast bridge connecting Europe with Asia above the Bosphorus Strait. Closer you can see a beautiful baroque mosque Buyuk Mecidiye Camii.

New Year's celebration Istambul Deckchair

Pic. 20 The New Year’s celebration by the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul (Radisson Blu Bosphorus Hotel/

Santorini Island is a volcanic caldera. The place is beautiful and attracts a lot of tourists, but not necessarily for the New Year’s celebration.

New Year's eve Santorini Deckchair

Pic. 21 New Year’s Eve at Santorini Island (Voreina Gallery Suites/

In Athens, there is one place, where the New Year is celebrated, but the web camera doesn’t cover it, as it looks at the beautiful Acropolis of Athens. However white residential buildings perfectly reflect the colorful firework glare.

New Year's celebration in Athens Deckchair

Pic. 22 The Acropolis of Athens and surrounding residential district illuminated by New Year’s fireworks (Hotel Grande Bretagne/

The GMT+2 time zone works in general in Eastern Europe, not only Greece but also the Balkans and east of the Baltic Sea. In Vilnius, we can observe the New Year’s celebration in the accompany of the primary landmarks of this beautiful city. At the forefront of the frame, you can spot the prominent Church of Raphael Archangel towering just above the Neris River. Straight behind this church, the bright-colored Vilnius Cathedral stands between the elevated Gediminas Tower on the left and the 52m height Vilnius Cathedral Bell Tower on the right. Just beyond the Vilnius Cathedral Tower, we can see the Orthodox Cathedral and Vilnius University. In general, the Old Town looks beautiful with fireworks.

New Year's celebration Vilnius Deckchair

Pic. 23 The New Year’s fireworks in Vilnius (Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva/

The neighboring capital – Riga, also celebrates the New Year at the same moment. The view of the main Boulevard (Brivibas iela), at which the Freedom Monument stands and the Riga Nativity of Christ Orthodox Cathedral with golden domes is amazing. Moreover, in the Old Town, the medieval St. Peter Church with the highest steeple is easy to spot. Everything looks perfect in the fireworks scenery as the New Year begins. The main celebration venue is at Daugava River beyond.

New Year celebration Riga Deckchair

Pic. 24 The New Year’s celebration in Riga (Radisson Blu Latvija Conference & Spa Hotel/

Now let’s have a look at how the New Year commencement looks on the other side of the Globe. South Africa also lies within the GMT+2 time zone, so the beginning of the year falls at the same moment as in Lithuania and Latvia. The Oyster Box Hotel in Durban built in the ’60s of the XIX century is deemed as the guardian of the adjacent uMhlanga lighthouse, recorded by the webcam. The uMhlanga beach surrounding the lighthouse is usually full of people watching the fireworks, which illuminate them.

Umhlanga beach and lighthouse new year celebration deckchair

Pic. 25 People watching fireworks at uMhlanga beach next to the Oyster Box Hotel in Durban (Oyster Box Hotel/

Cape Town is the second-most-populous city in South Africa. The celebration of New Year is vibrant here, but not necessarily visible from the entire metropolitan area. The Twelve Apostles venue offers a good vista towards the city, however, it doesn’t really work in terms of fireworks observed only locally.

New Year's celebration Cape Town

Pic. 26 The New Year’s celebration in Cape Town (The Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa/

The definitely better show happens at the waterfront.

New Year's celebration Cape Town2

Pic. 27 The New Year’s celebration in Cape Town (Raddison Blu Hotel Waterfront/

A majority of European countries celebrate the New Year an hour later.  Geographically the easternmost city within this timezone, where Deckchair webcam operates is Kraków.  The stunning view of the Vistula River runs along with the Wawel Royal Castle and Great Napoleon Army Square. It’s worth knowing, that the Wawel Castle is the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world. The castle with a whole architectural complex stands at the limestone outcrop – Wawel Hill. Wawel Hill is also famous for the Wawel Dragon. The Wawel Dragon plays a significant role in Polish folklore. According to the legend, the Wawel Dragon was a beast, which had a lair in the cave under Wawel Hill and used to make the local inhabitants very scared. They had to feed him by i.e. offerings of cattle. Other tales speak, that the dragon ate virgins only. Today tourists can see the dragon’s sculpture on the foot of the Wawel Hill from the south, near the Vistula Riverbank. This statue is interesting because it was designed to breathe fire. This feature attracts many tourists all year round.
On the other side of the river beyond, you can spot an extended construction. This is a former Forum hotel, which is already the place for Poland’s longest billboard, shining overnight in any case. Just right of the Wawel architecture complex, beyond you, can spot a bright facade of the Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel.

New Year's celebration in Kraków Deckchair

Pic. 28 The New Year’s celebration in Kraków (Sheraton Grand Krakow/

Stockholm is undeniably the biggest spot for New Year’s celebrations in Sweden. This picturesque capital lies roughly where Lake Malar flows into the Baltic Sea. The whole city stretches across 14 islands. In the first camera frame, we can see the most beautiful part of the Swedish capital with the Gamla Stan district – the place, where the city was founded in the XIIIth century and Riddarholmen. The Gamla Stan, known as Stockholm’s Old Town is one of the best-preserved medieval city centers in Europe. Beyond, we can see the Hornstull district. It would be a big sin if we would omit primary landmarks visible on our screen. On the right is the Stockholm City Hall, and on the left Riddarholmen Church with a prominent steeple.

New Year's celebration Stockholm Deckchair

Pic. 29 The New Year’s celebration in Stockholm, view towards Riddarholmen, Gamla Stan, and Hornstull (Raddison Blu Waterfront Stockholm/

Another view covers the Ostermalm – one of the most populous districts in Stockholm.  The most prominent building in the viewing area is the Swedish cultural history museum (Nordiska Museet) with a small turret in the middle of the roof. On the left, we could spot the Kaknastornet TV tower, but now it’s hidden by dazzling fireworks.

New Year's celebration Stockholm Deckchair2

Pic. 30 The New Year’s celebration in Stockholm, viewed at the Ostermalm district and  Nordiska Museet (Raddison Collection Strand Hotel/

Just 520 km southwest of Stockholm, the New Year event is celebrated in Copenhagen. The Radisson Blu Hotel is one of the tallest buildings in the city, so the panorama is spectacular. In our camera view, we can spot the dome of Frederik’s Church on the left. The image covers mostly Zealand’s part of Copenhagen, but the ferry on the right lies on the Amager – the most populous island in Denmark with more than 200 thousand inhabitants.

New Year's celebration in Copenhagen Deckchair

Pic. 31 The New Year’s fireworks across Copenhagen (Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel/

The New Year’s celebration in Berlin looks splendid from the high-rise hotel building standing near the Alexanderplatz. The place remembers roughly the Peaceful Revolution, which gathered about 200 thousand people here calling the contemporary socialist government to step down. This demonstration was the biggest in the history of the German Democratic Republic. The webcam is headed toward the Berline Fernsehturm TV tower counting almost 370m.a.g.l. and offering a beautiful panoramic vista for tourists. The frame covers also quite nicely St Mary’s Church beneath and XIXth century Berlin Cathedral beyond.

New Year Berlin Deckchair

Pic. 32 The New Year’s celebration in Berlin (Park Inn by Radisson/

The Nuremberg offers a detailed view at Konigstrasse, just next to the Frauentor – an old medieval city wall surrounding the former settlement. Now, the Frauentor is finished with a nice tower Frauentorturm, firmly integrated with the Handwerkerhof medieval village with craft shops. The Konigstrasse was formerly the main street leading to the city center. Today here is the biggest souvenir shop concentration.

New Year's celebration Nuremberg Deckchair

Pic. 33 The New Year’s celebration in Nuremberg (Le Meridien Grand Hotel Nuremberg/

It looks like there is no main New Year’s fireworks spot in Munich, but they are spread intensively across the whole city. It’s good to see the Altstadt – Lehel districts plunged into the colorful firecrackers.

New Year's celebration Munich Deckchair

Pic. 34 The New Year’s celebrations in Munich view at Altstadt – Lehel districts (The Westin Grand Munich/

The Aussenalster water body in Hamburg looks very pretty once the New Year comes.

New Year's celebration Hamburg Deckchair

Pic. 35 The New Year’s celebration in Hamburg by Aussenalster Lake (Le Meridien Hamburg/

However in the port district, just above the Elbe river bank, the view is better. The Port of Hamburg looks great in the firecracker illumination. This is the 3rd busiest port in Europe.

New Year's celebration Hamburg Deckchair2

Pic. 36 The New Year’s celebration in Hamburg at the port (The Westin Hamburg/

The last view comes from Hamburg Airport, but fireworks are far away and barely seen in the camera frame.

Hamburg Airport New Year Deckchair

Pic. 37 The moment of New Year’s arrival at Hamburg Airport (Radisson Blu Hotel Hamburg Airport/

The north circular pole couldn’t be missed in this whole spectacle. Thanks to the provider, who placed the webcam also there, where almost endless nights occur at the turn of December and January. This is undeniably the northernmost webcam available (on the contrary, the southernmost is installed in Melbourne), at least by now. I am hoping, that things will change as 2021 approaches because the platform is going to be upgraded. Possibly new webcams will be added. Anyway, it’s good to have the webcam in Tromso. This municipality is recognizable by its extraordinarily mild climate, spaned by the Gulf Stream.  Unlike other places at the same, or even lower altitudes, you can see there growing trees, etc. The main New Year’s festive takes place at the slopes of Floyfjellet hill, belonging to the Lyngen Alps towering above the city. The most remarkable object seen in the camera frame is the Arctic Cathedral. Tromso is the home of the northernmost university in the world.

New Year's celebration in Tromso Deckchair

Pic. 38 The New Year’s celebration in Tromso (Radisson Blu Tromso/

The capital of Norway has the main fireworks spot near the Oslo City Hall at the Oslofjord water surface. It looks good. Apart from the City Hall, a bit closer we can recognize the National Theater landmark with a remarkable roof.

New Year's celebration Oslo

Pic. 39 The New Year’s celebration in Oslo. View towards Oslofjord, National Theater, and City Hall (Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel/

The view towards Gamle Oslo (Old Oslo) is also interesting.

New Year's celebration Oslo2

Pic. 40 The New Year’s celebration in Oslo. View at the main railway station and Gamle Oslo district (Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel/

The last beautiful city covered by Deckchair webcam provider is Stavanger. This beautiful city lies on the Stavanger Peninsula. The camera frame covers the Storhaug district with a nice St. Peter’s Church and Stavanger City Bridge beyond.

New Year Stavanger Deckchair

Pic. 41 The New Year’s celebration in Stavanger (Radisson Blu Atlantic/

The New Year’s celebration can look splendid in high mountainous areas, like Switzerland or Italy. The small, cozy Verbier village reveals the circumstances of the event.

New Year celebration Verbier Deckchair

Pic. 42 New Year’s fireworks above Verbier (WVerbier/

If I had the occasion to spend New Year’s Eve in Switzerland I would pick up Geneve. It’s the world’s one of best views of the New Year’s celebration. A multitude of fireworks rises above Geneve Lake and illuminates big groups of participants standing along the promenade and enjoying the event.

New Year's celebration in Geneve Deckchair Grand Hotel Kempinsky

Pic. 43 The New Year’s celebration at Geneva Lake supported by Grand Hotel Kempinsky (Grand Hotel Kempinsky/

One of the best places in the World for a New Year’s celebration is Venice. There are a lot of excellent landmarks, which are illuminated great during this special night.  The first view covers a beautiful Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute and Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore, a Palladian church watching at the Venice lagoon.

New Year's celebration Venice Deckchair

Pic. 44 The New Year’s celebration in Venice. View at Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute (The Gritti Palace/

The western view from Gritti Palace covers i.e. Palazzo Da Mula Morosini and Palazzo Contarini Polignac on the opposite side of the Grand Canal.

New Year's celebration Venice Deckchair2

Pic. 45 The New Year’s celebration in Venice. View at Grand Canal (The Gritti Palace/

One of the major New Year’s celebrations in Venice takes place near the Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore.

New Year's celebration Venice Deckchair3

Pic. 46 The New Year’s celebration in Venice. View at Church of San Giorgio Maggiore (Hotel Danieli/

Another great city in Italy – Florence, has been called “the Athens of the Middle Ages” because of its Renaissance birthplace. In the camera, you can see the town hall (Palazzo Vecchio) on your right. The rightmost part of the frame is occupied by the medieval Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge). Absolutely the biggest and most representative landmark in Florence is the Florence Cathedral (Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore) possible to see on the left. Just next on the right a bit closer to the plan, the OrsanMichele Church and Museum are located. We can recognize it as a prominent building, almost twice as high as others.

New Year Florence Deckchair

Pic. 47 Single New Year’s fireworks captured in Florence (Hotel Lungarno/

Another view shows the Arno river and The Basilica of Santo Spirito beyond as well as the illuminated Forte di Belvedere at the hill above.
Interesting is also the Ponte Alla Carraia, where observers are flocked.

New Year Florence Deckchair2

Pic. 48 Single New Year’s fireworks captured in Florence. View at  Oltrarno district (The St. Regis Florence/

The last view of Florence covers the Florence Cathedral on the left and the City Hall on the right. In the middle of the frame, a bit closer we can spot the roof of Palazzo Strozzi and Palacco del Circolo dell’Unione with a bright facade, a bit higher than other buildings. This landmark has been also known as Palazzo Corsi across the centuries.

New Year Florence Deckchair3

Pic. 49 Single New Year’s fireworks as seen in the Florence old town (Westin Excelsior/

Lake Como is a postglacial lake, like a few others in northern Italy. The lake remains inverted letter Y. It’s a typical ribbon lake, which is elongated and deep. This type of lake is created by vast boulders, which are picked up by the moving glacier and erode softer rock making a deep narrow valley, which is finally filled up by water. The fireworks from one of the hotels were not well visible from Lido de Bellagio at about a 2km distance. It was too far, unfortunately.

New Year fireworks Lake Como Deckchair

Pic. 50 The New Year’s fireworks on the other side of Lake Como (Grand Hotel Tremezzo,

Now let’s have a look at how the New Year comes to the economic capital of Italy – Milan. The main square – Piazza Duca d’Aosta is always quite busy and the main railway station located next to it is perfectly illuminated by colorful light glares. The New Year’s sparklers are emitted near the high-rise Pirelli Tower, counting 127 meters in height.

New Year's celebration Milan Deckchair

Pic. 51 The New Year’s fireworks in Milan (Excelsior Hotel Gallia/

It’s good to celebrate the New Year in Amsterdam. This well-planned city is a perfect place to do so. The architecture of Amsterdam including the canal system is fascinating. It’s a result of conscious city planning in the XVIIth century at the peak of immigration to the city. Today, you can enjoy the fireworks show when running one of the canals. I believe one of the best places to see the moment of celebration is the front of Amsterdam Central Railway Station.

New Year celebration Amsterdam Deckchair

Pic. 52 The New Year’s celebration a front of the Amsterdam Central Railway Station (Park Plaza/

Another view in Amsterdam is less spectacular. The webcam records a vista near the Singel channel and Raadhuistraat, one of the main streets in Downtown Amsterdam, whose name is derivative of the former Town Hall.

New Year celebration Amsterdam Deckchair2

Pic. 53 The New Year’s celebration in Amsterdam at Raadhuisstraat (W Amsterdam/

If you want to stay in a bit warmer climate, the French Riviera will be a good place. I would pick for instance the Nice, which has the second-largest hotel capacity in France. The first view shows the prominent Castle Hill and the second one is headed at the western part of the city (the Fabron district), where on the rightmost part of the frame the beautiful Le Negresco hotel is visible. You can recognize it by its dome.

New Year Nice Deckchair

Pic. 54 New Year arrival at Nice. View towards Castle Hill (Le Meridien Nice/

New Year Nice Deckchair2

Pic. 55 New Year arrival at Nice. View towards Fabron district (Hyatt Regency Nice/

Lyon is situated only 300km northwest of Nice. This city is quite interesting. The most recognizable landmark is the Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourviere standing at the hill and towering above the whole city. Right off the basilica, we can see the Metallic tower of Fouvrierem a steel framework object resembling the Eiffel Tower. Its top is the highest point in Lyon. Below the hill, the beautiful old town is situated at the confluence of the rivers Saone and Rhone (the closer one).

New Year Lyon Deckchair

Pic. 56 New Year arrival to Lyon (Radisson Blu Lyon/

A nice New Year experience can be gained in Paris. The fireworks show usually takes place by the Arc de Triomphe – the most famous landmark in Paris. It’s good to locate in some elevated place. One of them is the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile skyscraper. The webcam mounted there catches obviously the Eiffel Tower on the right and the Arc de Triomphe on the opposite side. In the middle, there is another isolated skyscraper visible – Maine-Montparnasse Tower. This is a 210m office skyscraper. The illuminated street clearly visible beneath is the Avenue de la Grande Armee, which starts at the Place Charles de Gaulle, where the Arc de Triomphe is situated.

New Year's celebration in Paris Deckchair

Pic. 57 The New Year’s celebration in Paris (Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile/

The best view of the New Year’s fireworks show can be achieved from Champs-Elysees Avenue.

New Year's celebration in Paris Deckchair2

Pic. 58 The New Year’s celebration in Paris (Radisson Blu Hotel Champs-Elysees/

Let’s move to the Mediterranean climes again and see how the New Year is celebrated in Mallorca. The first view is very good. It covers almost the whole capital of this island with the most prominent and great illuminated landmark – The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Palma. The cathedral was built 372 years ago. The groundbreaking took place in 1229 in the time of King James I of Aragon and finished in 1601.

New Year's celebration Mallorca Deckchair

Pic. 59 The New Year’s celebration in Mallorca. The panorama of Palma de Mallorca (Castillo Hotel Son Vida/

A bit closer to the Palma de Mallorca, the Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Golf Hotel is located with a lot of sports facilities for its guests. One of the attractions is also the New Year’s celebration in the retreat.

New Year's celebration Mallorca Deckchair2

Pic. 60 Secluded New Year’s celebration by Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Golf Hotel located near Palma de Mallorca (Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Golf Hotel/

Another one of the most visited cities after i.e. Paris is Barcelona. The webcam frame covers the entire Barcelona Beach (Playa de Barcelona) along with the Port of Barcelona on the left with over 2000 years of history. The port is easy to locate because we can see the steel tower, which is a part of Port Vell Aerial Tramway – a tourist attraction offering an overhead route above the port area.
On our right, at the very end of the beach, we can spot two of the tallest skyscrapers in Barcelona. The first one is the 44-story Hotel Arts, and the other one is Torre Maprfe, located just on the other side of the road in Port Olympic marina.

New Year firweorks Barcelona deckchair

Pic. 61 The New Year’s firecrackers at the Playa de Barcelona (W Barcelona/

San Sebastian is a small town in the Basque Autonomous Community. Along with Wrocław, it was the European Capital of Culture in 2016.  The San Sebastian Film Festival or San Sebastian Jazz Festival have usually international dimensions. The camera covers the view at the Urumea River mouth and Zurriola Beach, which is partially hidden by the closer Kursaal Conference Centre located in the postmodern building, where the New Year is displayed. On the very left Victoria Eugenia Theather is visible, a hub of the International Film Festival.

New Year San Sebastian Deckchair

Pic. 62 Displaying of the New Year in San Sebastian (Hotel Maria Christina/

There is no warmer place in Europe for New Year’s celebration I guess. Marbella is a Spanish coastal resort located in South Andalusia – one of the most beautiful regions of this country. The New Year’s event at Costa del Sol can be one of the life-best experiences for everyone, except for local inhabitants. The camera view is headed towards Puerto Banus – the most beautiful district in Marbella, and I guess along a whole Costa del Sol. This high-end tourist district has been developed by Beverly Hills architects cooperating with the Banu’s family in the late 1960s. In the camera frame on our left, we can spot the most representative building – Torre de Andalucia, which is one of the highest buildings in the city, counting 47 meters.

New Year Marbella Deckchair

Pic. 63 The New Year’s fireworks in Marabella (The Westin La Quinta Golf Resort & Spa/

Just 130km northwest in Seville – the capital of Andalusia, a New Year can be celebrated near the Catedral of Sevilla – the fourth-largest church in the world with the longest nave of any cathedral in Spain. The camera frame shows illuminated La Giralda – the bell tower of Seville Cathedral with 105m height. This object remains a Muslim architecture. It formerly was a minaret for a mosque built to resemble the minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech. Looking a bit towards the right, we can spot a roof of the Royal Alcazar of Seville, formerly the main residence of the caliphs in the Al-Andalus capital. Beyond, a quite prominent dome belonging to the Iglesia de San Alberto.

New Year Sevilla Deckchair

Pic. 64 New Year’s celebration in Sevilla (Hotel Alfonso XIII/

Finally, the New Year arrives in the United Kingdom – home of the webcam platform. Brighton is one of the places, where this event is riotously celebrated. Brighton is the place, where the project has been originated. I can guess, that the main office is located in the Embassy Court – the Grade II listed luxury apartment building rose in the 1930s. The camera view shows people gathered at the Brighton Beach Bandstand. On the very left we can see the British Airways Viewing Tower going up & down.

New Year's celebration Brighton Deckchair

Pic. 65 The New Year’s celebration in Brighton. View from Embassy Court at British Airways i360 viewing tower and Brighton Beach Bandstand (

London – the capital of the United Kingdom and the biggest city in the European Union till December 31, 2020, is also the area with the biggest concentration of webcams. The major place of New Year’s celebration in London is the London Eye – the European biggest cantilevered observation wheel, reaching 135m above ground. The view from the first camera shows the London Eye from the south, with the Forum Magnum Square and Sea Life Centre building, which has a smallish turret just above the roof. The interesting object is on our left. It’s a Big Ben clock. It’s hard to recognize its original shape because, at the turn of 2018/2019 and 2019/2020, the object was under renovation and covered by dense scaffolding. We can spot some rectangular illuminated shapes with a bright clock inside, towering above the area. The Palace of Westminster is just next to it, on the very left.

New Year's celebration in London, Deckchair

Pic. 66 The New Year’s celebration in London. View from south (Park Plaza County Hall/

Another view is from the north, where we can see also the Golden Jubilee Bridges leading almost to the Royal Festival Hall, just a bit on the left. There are Whitehouse Apartments just behind and The Shard on the left beyond. The front of the Southbank is represented here by 1, 4, and 30 Casson Square as well as other apartment buildings with altitudes of more than 120m.

New Year's celebration in London, Deckchair2

Pic. 67 The New Year’s celebration in London. View from south (Corinthia Hotel London/

The best view of the London Eye New Year’s celebration is from the closest distance possible. It’s desired by a lot of people, who want to see this event without purchasing a ticket.

New Year's celebration in London, Deckchair3

Pic. 68 London Eye New Year’s celebration (London Mariott County Hall/

A good view offers also the Park Plaza London Riverbank with an amazing view of the crowded Lambeth Bridge and Westminster Palace in the background. Just before the Palace of Westminster, the group of trees represents the Victoria Tower Gardens, a nice and Grade II listed public park created in the XIXth century. It belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Westminster. It’s also another view of the Big Ben clock tower under renovation and a good view of the River Thames. River Thames is the longest river in England and the second-longest in the UK. Just a bit left of the Palace of Westminster, we can find Westminster Abbey. The abbey was found in the 18th century on Thorney Island – a small island within the Thames River. This object holds only one Anglo-Saxon door concluded around 1050, which is the oldest door in the United Kingdom. The last object to mention is the BT Tower visible just behind the Palace of Westminster on the left.

New Year's celebration in London, Deckchair4

Pic. 69 New Year’s celebration in London. View at Thames River and Palace of Westminster (Plaza on the River/

There is no better view of the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben than from Westminster Bridge and the buildings located in the vicinity. The Westminster Bridge is the oldest surviving road bridge in central London, opened on May 24, 1862 – the day of Queen Victoria’s birthday. Unfortunately, she wasn’t there at that moment. The green paint refers to the color of the seats in the House of Commons, the part of the Westminster Palace. The current Palace of Westminster stands roughly in the same place, where the older – medieval one was situated. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by fire in the 1860s. Construction of the new palace took 3 decades. The most important part of the House of Parliament is Big Ben. It’s the London icon and the most famous landmark in the London skyline at once. The Big Ben nickname comes from the Great Bell of the striking clock, which can be heard 9 miles away. Moreover, Big Ben Tower is the UK’s version of the Leaning Tower in Pisa. It’s driven by not stable grounds, which changed slightly over the years since construction was completed. Currently, the tower leans about 2,5cm towards the northwest. Beyond the webcam, the illuminated Westminster Abbey is visible. On the right of the bridge, we can clearly see the Portcullis House, which is the office building for Westminster, opened in 2001.

New Year's celebration in London, Deckchair5

Pic. 70 New Year’s celebration in London. View at Thames River and Palace of Westminster (Park Plaza Westminster Bridge/

Atop Hyde Park, roughly at the Hyde Park Corner, where the high-rise London Hilton hotel is located, the view of the New Year’s celebration can be also stunning, if we combine it with the spectacular London skyline panorama. The London Eye from this perspective stands just behind the Grade I listed the Ministry of Defence Main Building towering above the Whitehall district. It’s located at the Thames river bank as well as the London Eye. Just behind it, we can easily see the big apartment skyscraper – Southbank Place. Continuing our line of sight, we can encounter The Shard and Canary Wharf veiled by fireworks. Interesting is also the left frame, where most of the tallest London skyscrapers are visible. They comprise The City Of London. The highest building visible there is 22 Bishopsgate reaching 278m altitude. On the right, the strongly illuminated Westminster Abbey is visible.

New Year's celebration in London, Deckchair6

Pic. 71 New Year’s celebration in London. View from the Hilton Hotel near the Hyde Park Corner (London Hilton on Park Lane/

The Tower Bridge on New Year’s Eve night looks great, even if you can’t spot many fireworks around it. Before it was built in the late XIX century, there was a tunnel under the Thames called Tower Subway. This tunnel likewise a few others were closed down and replaced by bridges. Today the Tower Bridge is illuminated by LED lighting. The Tower Bridge is very often mistaken for the London Bridge, located about 100m upstream.

New Year's celebration in London, Deckchair7

Pic. 72 New Year’s celebration in London. View at Thames River and Tower Bridge (

The opposite view from the London Eye during the New Year’s celebration is such a lottery. You can spot some single fireworks or not. The example below shows almost no fireworks visible towards St George’s Wharf with George Wharf Tower reaching more than 180m.

New Year's celebration in London, Deckchair8

Pic. 73 View at Thames River and St George Wharf when New Year arrives (Park Plaza London Riverbank/

The close-up view of the City of London from the Waterloo district won’t abound with fireworks, although the illuminated smoke pushed from the London Eye vicinity can be omnipresent when wind direction is correct. If not, you can see the firecracker light reflected on the residential buildings.

New Year's celebration in London, Deckchair9

Pic. 74 The smoke from London Eye fireworks floating above the Waterloo district with the City of London beyond (Park Plaza London Waterloo/

The most breathtaking view is undeniably from the observation deck at the top of The Shard. The Shard is actually the tallest building in Western Europe, counting almost 310 m.a.g.l, and made with 11000 glass panels on the exterior. The viewing platform includes 3 floors. There are 3 Deckchair webcams located there, which cover views toward east, north, and west. The first view is from the east with the Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf visible far away.

New Year's celebration in London, Deckchair10

Pic. 75 East View from The Shard once New Year arrives (The View from The Shard – East/

The main New Year celebration venue can be seen from the west section of The Shard vista.

New Year's celebration in London, Deckchair11

Pic. 76 The New Year’s celebration in London as seen from The Shard (The View from The Shard – West/

Canary Wharf is the second central business district in London. It’s also one of the main financial centers in the UK and worldwide. This complex is located at the Isle of Dogs, which is basically the U-shaped area within the Thames meanders. The tallest buildings reach more than 230m.a.g.l. The camera view shows the City of London, The Shard, and the London Eye fireworks beyond, which look very nice.

New Year's celebration in London, Deckchair12

Pic. 77 The New Year’s celebration in London as seen from Canary Wharf (Novotel London Canary Wharf/

A good view of the City of London offers a webcam mounted in Hoxton. The first skyscraper from the left is the Principal Tower.

New Year's celebration in London, Deckchair13

Pic. 78 The New Year’s celebration in London as seen from Hoxton (

The quite interesting view comes from Marylebone with the view at the Oxford Circus station and Regent & Oxford Street shopping area. The fireworks from the London Eye can be spotted on the very left and the Vauxhall London Skyline on the right. Oxford Street is known for its beautiful Christmas lights.

New Year's celebration in London, Deckchair14

Pic. 79 The New Year’s celebration in London as seen from Marylebone (The Langham London/

Another view in London shows the panorama of Hyde Park – the Grade I listed major park in central London. Initially, this park was a hunting area for King Henry VIII. Several decades later the park was opened to the public and quickly became popular. It’s definitely the largest Royal Park in central London and one of the largest city parks in the world. Interesting is the Serpentine – an artificial lake created in the 1730s by Queen Caroline. The purpose of this lake creation was the presence of a natural-looking pool. This type of lake inside the park became a further inspiration for many city parks across the UK. At the forefront, we can see the Winter Wonderland funfair. At the horizon, a lot of residential area from the Paddington district is visible. The highest block of flats present on the left side of the camera frame is 25 Porchester Place. In turn, from the right-hand side, the office building can be seen. It’s Euston Tower, which rises 124m.a.g.l. Just a front of Euston Tower, we can see the luxury suites – Grosvenor hotels located at Park Lane, bounding Hyde Park from the east.

New Year's celebration in London, Deckchair15

Pic. 80 The New Year’s celebration in London as seen from above Hyde Park towards Paddington ( The Park Tower Knightsbridge/

A nice view of New Year’s fireworks is in the York city center. The webcam shows York Minster – one of the largest cathedrals in Europe and the largest medieval Gothic cathedral north of the Alps. It’s worth seeing the world-famous Rose Window produced in 1515. At the forefront on a bit right side is the Grand II listed St Martin le Grand parish church built yet in the XI century. We can see only the tower, built in the XV century.

New Year's celebration York

Pic. 81 The New Year’s celebration in York (Park Inn by Radisson York/

Apart from London, the best New Year’s celebration experience is offered in Edinburgh. The fireworks are emitted from the vicinity of Edinburgh Castle situated above downtown. Its amazing location is similar to Wawel Castle in Kraków. However, in this case, the vast outcrop is a reminiscence of the volcano. The hill, where the castle is situated is the neck of an extinct volcano. This volcanic pipe is estimated to exist in the Carboniferous, which intruded through the sedimentary rock and next cooled down to the basalt rock. The current 130m height hill is also the effect of glacial erosion, which stripped most of the aforementioned sedimentary rock, leaving behind only the section eastwards, which created the crag and tail formation.  There are more or less  Castlehill and Lawnmarket streets today. The Edinburgh castle is also home to one of the earliest US flag depictions carved on the walls by one of the prisoners kept inside during the American War of Independence. Edinburgh Castle is the most besieged castle in the UK and the most embattled fortress in Europe. The enemy forces attacked the castle 23 times throughout its history.

New Year's celebration Edinburgh Deckchair

Pic. 82 The New Year’s celebration in Edinburgh. View at the Edinburgh Castle (Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa/

The fireworks in Edinburgh can be seen also from different perspectives. This time we are looking from the High Street, leading at the ridge of the crag and tail mentioned before towards Edinburgh Castle. This is the Edinburgh Old Town, definitely worth visiting. The webcam view covers a few notable landmarks. The closest one on our right is the Tron Kirk – a former parish church, which has been turned into the local shopping centre and novelty store.  A bit further in the middle, we can see the tower of St Giles Cathedral – a High Kirk of Edinburgh. The last one visible, just before the castle is the Toolboth Kirk tower. In the background, we can again see the illuminated Edinburgh Castle.

New Year's celebration Edinburgh Deckchair2

Pic. 83 The New Year’s celebration in Edinburgh. View at the St Giles Cathedral (Raddison Blu Edinburgh/

Because of sparse settlements and low population density, the Lake District area is not the best place for watching New York fireworks. Despite perfect panoramas from the hilltops, the firecrackers are too small to be properly visible in the long line of sight. The webcam located in Whitebarrow Village just caught only one firework probably above Haweswater Reservoir near Bampton. Lake District National Park protects the perfect preserved postglacial relief in the Cumbrian Mountains. Moreover, these mountains include all 3000+ feet altitude mountains in England.

New Year Lake District Deckchair

Pic. 84 A distant New Year’s firework visible from Whitebarrow village in Lake District (Whitebarrow Luxury Lodge/

Saint Peter Port is the capital and main port at Guernsey Island, somewhere in the southern part of the English Channel (La Manche) off the Normandy coast. This area is a British Crown Dependency, which means, that some administrative and defense instruments are managed by the UK. Fireworks weren’t visible in the webcam, although the New Year celebration definitely takes place, as the low-level cloud deck turned reddish for a moment.

New Year Guernsey Deckchair

Pic. 85 New Year arrival to Guernsey (The Duke of Richmond Hotel/

Nothing better than a New Year’s celebration at Ashford Castle in Ireland. Combining the fireworks presence with a mysterious castle outlook can be a formidable adventure. This medieval and Victorian castle was built in the XIII century. Now it’s a beautiful hotel.

New Year Ashford Castle Deckchair

Pic. 86 New Year’s celebration at Ashford Castle (Ashford Castle/

If you are coming on holiday to the Canary Islands, the Gran Canaria will be a good option for New Year’s celebration. Fireworks are by the Anfi Beach Club in the Los Caideros village. The webcam frame covers an adjacent Anfi Del Mar resort.

New Year Gran Canaria Deckchair

Pic. 87 New Year arrival at Gran Canaria (Radisson Blu Resort Gran Canaria/

A bit better happening takes place in Los Gigantes town at the Tenerife. The panoramic view from the Royal Sun Resort is splendid, especially during the day you can easily see the neighboring island Gomera and distant La Palma, located about 110km away. It could be possible to see them also by moonlight. Try this year, as the full moon occurs a night earlier. Anyway, the camera frame covers the biggest hotel in the town – Sensimar Los Gigantes and Puerto de Los Gigantes on the right. The town is famous for the Acantilados and the Los Gigantes – vertical cliffs with almost 500m altitude located nearby.

New Year celebration Tenerife Deckchair

Pic. 88 New Year’s celebration at the Tenerife (Royal Sun Resort/

Meeting a New Year in tropical destinations can be also nice participation. Aruba is a constituent island country of the Kingdom of Netherlands. This island is only 32km in length and 10km in width but is really good to stay there for a while in this cactus-strewn landscape. The capital of this island is Noord, known for low-rise and high-rise hotels.

New Year's celebration Aruba Deckchair

Pic. 89 The New Year’s celebration at Aruba (Aruba Mariott Resort/

The USA starts to celebrate New Year 6 hours later than Western Europe without exceptions like Great Britain. In Boston, the camera view is concentrated at the financial center, where the most prominent skyscraper is One International Place, reaching 183m. This is Boston’s 7th tallest building. On the left side, we can see 125 High Street and a bit towards the right the State Street Bank Building known also as 225 Franklin Street hidden a bit behind the One International Place mentioned above. Going further right, we can spot an interesting shape, other than all the skyscrapers visible. This building is the first skyscraper built in this district. Its Custom House Tower reaches about 150m. The last two skyscrapers visible on the right and standing a front of the ferry in the Waterfront district are Harbor Towers. Far beyond the Tobin Bridge is visible. This bridge leads to Admiral Hills. Fireworks are to be observed further right, outside of the frame, near the Harborwalk at the water’s surface. The office skyscrapers are greatly illuminated by these fireworks, which can be also reflected from the exterior glasses.

New Year's celebration Boston Deckchair

Pic. 90 The New Year’s celebration in Boston (The Envoy Hotel/

Amelia Island remains conditions very similar to the Canary Islands, obviously considering beach areas only. The latitude is the same. Saying frankly, water is even warmer because Florida’s current transports tropical water masses from the Gulf of Mexico. Moreover, it reaches a second maximum in January, making the holiday conditions more favorable around the New Year. Amelia Island is a part of tidal and barrier islands (Sea Islands) along the Atlantic coast stretching from Florida to South Carolina. The name of this island comes from Princess Amelia, daughter of George II of Great Britain. The island was interchangeably under Spanish and British rule across the ages until early XIX when was seized by insurgents from the USA, who called themselves “Patriots of Amelia Island”. Today Amelia Island is home to some notable festivals like the Amelia Island Jazz Festival and so on. Some of them can gather up to 100k participants. The island is also a paradise for golf players.

New Year celebration Amelia Island Deckchair

Pic. 91 The New Year’s fireworks at Amelia Island (The Ritz-Carlton/

Staying in Florida, we can’t forget about Miami, where New Year is also celebrated. The elevated webcam above Bal Harbour shows perfectly the North Beach district with the accommodation and residential skyline beyond, located within the Mid-Beach and South-Beach areas. The highest of them is Akoya, the 47-storey residential building. A bit closer, near the crane on the left, the Carillon Hotel & Spa North Tower is located. Far away, more or less in the middle, there is another interesting residential building surmounted by a glassy cone. This is a twin residential object – Blue Diamond. The same as Akoya, this is a condominium unit. Exactly the same character has another high-rise building visible more to the right – the Sorrento Condos, situated just next to the much lower Sorrento Hotel. On the left, far away from the horizon, the Miami Beach residential and accommodation area continues. One of the last high-rise buildings visible there is Setai Ocean Front, Continuum on South Beach, and 500 South Pointe Drive residential block of flats. This is the south section of Miami Beach.

New Year celebration Miami Deckchair

Pic. 92 The New Year’s arrival to Miami Beach (The St. Regis Bal Harbour/

We are still in Florida. Now is the voice for Forty Myers – the city in western Florida. Statistically, Fort Myers has the highest total number of sunny days out of all other cities in Florida. Another amazing fact is, that tourists can find here one shell museum in the whole USA. The camera view covers a nice Luminary Hotel & Co building. The fireworks can be observed above Look Out Pier at the Caloosahatchee River bank.

New Year Fort Mynera Deckchair

Pic. 93 The New Year’s celebration in Fort Myner (Luminary Hotel & Co/

Another place in Florida with a nice view is Tampa, located 155km northwest of Fort Mynera. The Tampa skyline with fireworks accompanying looks great. The webcam frame shows a whole downtown. Going from the right to the left, we can list at least a few notable skyscrapers. The first one is the Hyde Park House – a residential high-rise building. Just behind it, several hundred meters further the Tampa Mariott Waterside is located, rising almost 100m above ground and counting roughly 750 rooms. Much closer to the main skyline, we can see Riverwalk Place Condominiums with a characteristical cut and a stairs-looking top from the right side. The next one towards the left, with illuminated top floors with shapes resembling smallish cottages, is the highest one in Tampa. This is 100 North Tampa, counting 176m.a.g.l. The next left is a bit lower One Tampa City Center – an office skyscraper. Behind the One Tampa City Center, we have another one, located further and a bit hidden. Its Hillsborough County Center name refers to Hillsborough County in Florida, where Tampa is the capital. Another representative and high skyscraper is Bank of America Plaza, the second tallest building in Tampa with 175m height. The name of this skyscraper is illuminated blue at the top, which can be seen in the webcam frame. The next one is Park Tower, which is Tampa’s first high-rise building completed in 1973. Just next to it, we have another skyscraper – the Rivergate Tower with 31 floors and 138 meters in height and a cube-shaped appearance. Another towards the left is the bright-colored Franklin Exchange Building, and the next Towers of Channelside East and West, which are a residential complex. Behind the Tower of Channelside East, we have hidden Sam Gibbons Federal Courthouse.

New Year's celebration Tampa

Pic. 94 The New Year’s celebration in Tampa (Epicurean Hotel/

Moving about 20km west we can watch fireworks in Dunedin. The webcam covers distant Clear Water Beach resorts in the Gulf of Mexico. Clear Water Beach is one of the best beaches in the USA. It holds the Guinness Record for the biggest amount of sunny days in a row – 768.

New Year Dunedin Clear Water Beach Deckchair

Pic. 95 The New Year’s arrival at Clear Water Beach (Fenway Hotel/

Let’s move to the opposite part of the USA, to Chicago. Here the camera view is concentrated on the green area (Grant Park) near the lake with Buckingham Fountain in the foreground, built in a rococo wedding cake. In the background, we can see a Navy Pier with a 1010m length inside Lake Michigan.

New Year's celebration Chicago Deckchair

Pic. 96 The New Year’s celebration at Navy Pier in Chicago (Hilton Chicago/

The last venue in the USA is in Los Angeles. The webcam is located between the Los Angeles downtown and Santa Ana.

New Year Los Angeles Deckchair

Pic. 97 The New Year’s celebration in Los Angeles (Courtyard by Marriot Anaheim Theme Park Entrance/

Our last place considered is Whistler in British Columbia Canada. This is the resort municipality in the southern Pacific Ranges (Fitzsimon Range) of the Coast Mountains. Visited annually by about 2 million people. There is a world record-holder gondola in Whistler carrying tourists 436m above the valley. Tourists come here mainly for skiing. Whistler held the 2010 Winter Olympic Games along with Vancouver.

New Year's celebration Whistler, Deckchair

Pic. 98 The New Year’s celebration in Whistler (Sundial Boutique Hotel/

The full Deckchair fireworks compilation is in the video below. I am encouraging you to relax and watch it.

It looks like I am finally done. A Happy New Year to everyone!

Mariusz Krukar


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